Stress… Oh Stress!

Can you believe tomorrow is 1 July already? This time of the year I always feel more stressed than usual. Maybe as it is the mid-year slump or because no sunny holidays are planned… yet. Working in a stressful environment is challenging, but oh so rewarding! I constantly have to balance my stress to make sure I don’t start pulling my hair out 🙂

Whatever it is that keeps you up at night, here are my tips at keeping a clear head and a smile on your face:


Take a hot bath – I am an avid believer that a bath can fix anything!

Rub peppermint oil on your temples – This really works for me, especially when I get tensions headaches.

Have some herbal tea – I like most varieties but my current favorite is Woolworth’s Forty Winks which is a delectable blend of chamomile, lavender and vanilla #swoon.

Exercise – Any type will do just get moving!

MassageTreat yourself to a massage – I was recently in the Bush for a mini break where the hubby and I indulged in a delicious Aromatherapy massage from Amani Spa. It sure does the trick.

Sleep – I am a keen sleeper/hibernator. The more the merrier.

On a side note I have heard meditating is absolutely amazing if you can get into a routine of doing this. I have tried once or twice after Yoga with no luck #sigh.

Lastly remember to be kind to yourself  – If all else fails remember stressed spelt backwards is desserts #wintergains 😉

Have a great weekend cherubs.

SR x