Stress… Oh Stress!

Can you believe tomorrow is 1 July already? This time of the year I always feel more stressed than usual. Maybe as it is the mid-year slump or because no sunny holidays are planned… yet. Working in a stressful environment is challenging, but oh so rewarding! I constantly have to balance my stress to make sure I don’t start pulling my hair out 🙂

Whatever it is that keeps you up at night, here are my tips at keeping a clear head and a smile on your face:


Take a hot bath – I am an avid believer that a bath can fix anything!

Rub peppermint oil on your temples – This really works for me, especially when I get tensions headaches.

Have some herbal tea – I like most varieties but my current favorite is Woolworth’s Forty Winks which is a delectable blend of chamomile, lavender and vanilla #swoon.

Exercise – Any type will do just get moving!

MassageTreat yourself to a massage – I was recently in the Bush for a mini break where the hubby and I indulged in a delicious Aromatherapy massage from Amani Spa. It sure does the trick.

Sleep – I am a keen sleeper/hibernator. The more the merrier.

On a side note I have heard meditating is absolutely amazing if you can get into a routine of doing this. I have tried once or twice after Yoga with no luck #sigh.

Lastly remember to be kind to yourself  – If all else fails remember stressed spelt backwards is desserts #wintergains 😉

Have a great weekend cherubs.

SR x




3 thoughts on “Stress… Oh Stress!

  1. First of all, congratulations on your first blog entry hunny! And what an “on point” one for me! Totally needed these tips and intent on doing most of them this weekend….. ok, maybe not the bush getaway quite yet!

    Can’t wait for more entries….

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