Jump start the week with juicing.

As part of my health and fitness regime, I love to add a juice cleanse every few months to kick start my system.  Last week Monday I tried One Juice for the first time. They have a great special on at Wellness Warehouse where a 1 Day juice cleanse is only R199. Such a steal! I usually like to do at least 3 days, but thought why not?

What a great way to start the week! I did a shortened training session with some stretching, Pilates and gentle walking. Instead of making dinner on Monday evening I did my meal prep for Tuesday and Wednesday, keeping it fresh and light with lots of veggies and fruit.

I didn’t have any caffeine during the day, which is always the hardest for me. I religiously have 1 cup of tea (Brought to me first thing in the morning by my hubby aka love bug) and I NEED 1 ‘proper’ cappuccino a day. I honestly miss caffeine more than food.

My next cleanse will definitely be 3 or 5 days however I highly recommend this for beginners. I personally don’t do cleanses for weight loss… More for a system kick start and to give my gut a break.

If you decide to do a cleanse don’t forget to drink lots of water and hot water with lemon (my fav). I also forgo my daily vitamins for just a probiotic.


P.S. Make sure your schedule will allow it, I always check that my personal and work calendars are reasonably quiet.

P.P.S. Go to bed early! Your body will want to relax while it is detoxing – no late nights please.

Enjoy this chilly week sweetpeas.

SR x


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