Choosing the right Vitamins and Minerals.

Morning lovelies! It’s a new week and I’m feeling good 🙂

Today I wanted to touch on a part of my daily routine – vitamins and minerals. They are a huge part of health and wellness and are so much more than just ‘a tablet a day’.
Due to living a busy and active lifestyle, vitamins and minerals help you substitute what you are not receiving through your diet.  I try and optimise my intake with healthy eating but it really is not realistic to try consume everything a busy bee like me needs on a daily basis.

Below are my absolute must haves. I have tried a variety of different concoctions but feel that these really work for me:

Multivitamin – This is so important! My current favourite is the Vital Woman multivitamin. I love that it is designed especially for us ladies including ingredients like collagen and cranberry extract. I take 2 every morning.

Omega 3 and 6 – I suffer from severe dry eyes (Hence the spectacles) and was prescribed an Omega 3 and 6 supplement to help relieve this. Since taking these I have seen a dramatic change in not only my eyes, but also my hair, skin and nails. I like the Vital Omega 3 & 6 concentrate. I take 1 every second day in summer and 1 every day in winter.

Probiotic – Gut and intestinal health is crucial for me. Probiotic’s assist with a variety of ailments including bloating, digestive health, food sensitivities and even helps with my eczema. My favourite brand is the ProbiFloraTM Adult Intensive Rescue. I take 1 every second morning – first thing, or when needed.


Magnesium – This is my new find! Not only does it replenish lost vitamins and minerals but is also rich in amino acids and calcium. I love the Biogen Magnesium Chelate and take 1 every evening before bed. I also find they help to relax me before I go to sleep.

I know there is such a wide variety on the market but as the basics these are a great start. Let me know what your favourites are?

Sending you all positive vibes this week!

SR x


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