Protein shake potential.

Hello lovelies, what a busy week!

Being busy nowadays basically means ‘living a fast paced life’. I find that I am continuously coming up with tips and tricks to make even the busiest of days manageable.

Speaking of which, the habit I want to discuss is something I have been doing every day for the past 8 years. I am a firm believer that eating breakfast every day is a must… Within 2 hours of waking! In my case I don’t push it past 1 hour. I like breakfast so much I actually have 2 a day.


Every morning I make a protein shake. Sometime just in a shaker, sometimes if have more time in my fabulous little blender. If I run out of my shake (#gasp) it messes up my whole day. Literally! I feel like I have less energy, my workouts are not as focused and I crave all sorts of goodies (I have a serious sweetooth so this can be dangerous). Obviously this might be in my mind but I feel it is a necessity to get my day going.

I absolutely love Slender Wonder protein powder. I have tried nearly everything on the market and then some… No jokes. I have a huge list of brands that haven’t cut it! Slender Wonder has a great taste and consistency.

shutterstock_182683421My basic blend is 2 scoops of Slender Wonder with 200ml cold water and a few blocks of ice. I sometimes add a scoop of Herbex strawberry or chocolate as a treat, it also adds a different dimension. A great weekend special is to chuck in a few frozen berries or peanut butter and half a banana #yum.

Wishing you all a fun Friday. You will catch me this weekend catching up on some work, sipping red cappuccinos and visiting some fabulous eateries.


SR x


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