Fitness devices to help achieve your goals.

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

I started my day doing my favorite exercises – a targeted bum and arm session. Exercising is a great mood enhancer 🙂

As an extremely active person, I am always looking for new and exciting health and fitness trends.

My most recent find is the Fitbit Charge 2. I have tried other fitness tracking devices, which have been really disappointing! When I finally decided it was time for a new one, it had to be a reputable brand with a great App.


The Fitbit Charge 2 came up as it had everything I wanted: A time face, step tracker, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor and isn’t too big. This chic and stylish device also offers additional features such as ‘guided breathing sessions’ which I adore!

They come in a variety of colours with interchangeable straps –  however of course I had to get the limited edition rose gold and lavender one #swoon.

61a5BNfwIaL._SY355_The app is an absolute pleasure – you get to see all your daily stats clearly and can add your food and water intake. I personally like to monitor what gets my heart rate going and see how I sleep, especially when I am stressed.

This genius little device is great for people who are eager to up their fitness game or are even just starting out! If you are looking to invest in a fitness tracking device, I highly recommend this brand.

Hope you all have a gorgeous and active week!



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