Herbal tea for you and me.

Good morning honey bees. My week started with a bang and I hope it continues that way!

It makes me so happy to write this post as it is about one of my favourite things. Tea. And not just any tea, herbal tea!

Anyone who knows me can tell you that if I haven’t got herbal tea in front of me, it’s because I am on my way to make a new cup or have just finished my last cup 🙂

I have a soft spot for most varieties, and this list really doesn’t do my tea cupboard justice – but these are my absolute favourites:


Green tea – It is definitely an acquired taste but let me assure you once you have acquired it you won’t be able to stop drinking it! This antioxidant rich tea improves brain function and can assist with a variety of ailments. I have 3-4 cups a day. Take note: It is high in caffeine so I usually have my last cup at about 2:00pm.

Peppermint tea – My love for this tea started a few years ago when I read about its incredible properties to help soothe tummies and inflammation. I have been hooked ever since! It is refreshing, a great alternative for gum and has no caffeine. I have about 3 cups a day.

Ginger tea – Another tea I started to drink because of its stomach benefits (I used to suffer from a stress induced ulcer and always tried to alleviate symptoms without medication if possible). It is also great for when you have flu, I just use ginger out the spice rack if I haven’t got any fresh. I have one cup a day after lunch to ease digestion.

Chai tea – I also love chai lattes but usually opt for chai tea black. This tea packs a punch –  so I only steep my tea bag for about a minute. It has mood improving properties, is good for digestion and strengthens the immune system. I have it during the week when I need a pick me up.shutterstock_592561073

Chamomile – I just love this flavour! As mentioned in my stress post, I have chamomile every night before bed. It really calms me and is good for the soul.

I also enjoys cups of  fennel, licorice and turmeric tea. I am always looking for new flavours, blends and have recently tried lavender and dandelion #yum.

If you ever need a natural pick me up, reach for one of these!

Cheers to that *clinks tea cup 😉



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