Full body weekly training.

Happy August 1st! August is special for me, as a lot of people I love are born in this gorgeous month. As we are nearing Spring I thought I would share with you what my weekly training sessions consists of.

I don’t believe ‘summer bodies are made in winter’, my training and diet are reasonably consistent all year round. I try keep a balance between the two, I love exercise and I love eating! I am lucky though that I am an athletic person and genuinely enjoy exercising.

I train for 30mins 5-6 days a week.  I have a serious hip injury which will be with me for life so I have to make due with limited exercises.

IExercise hardly use the treadmill, definitely no running which I miss. I have to use machines which are softer on your joints which I recommend you use anyway.
I feel for people’s knees when I see them day in, and out on the treadmill for hours! Poor little things(the knees that is).

On the days I train, these are the exercises I will rotate depending on my mood:
Day 1: 30 min self-taught Pilate’s session
Day 2: 10 min bum and arms +
20 min elliptical
Day 3: 30 min bike
Day 4: 10 min targeted ab workout +
20 min elliptical
Day 5: 30 min self-taught yoga session
Day 6: 10 min core +
20 min bike
Day 7: Rest
I like to do a 30 min leisurely walk.

shutterstock_593196116Do what works for you and your goals. I recommend creating a schedule to help keep things exciting and different! Look out for my post where I break down my actual exercises in the next few weeks.

So what did you train today? Have a great Tuesday lovelies!



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