Traveling essentials.

Good morning sweeties. It is a technical Friday for me as this afternoon I am flying to sunny South Africa!

Living such a busy life the hubby and I like to do a lot of mini breaks throughout the year (and some big breaks to).

Due to being a frequent traveler there are a few essentials I always pack to make sure I am prepared for my trip whether it is domestic or international.shutterstock_521704717

I start with a good quality hard shell suitcase. I find the fabric ones get dirty so quickly and getting them wrapped before a trip can be inconvenient. They can be pricey but are a great item to invest in. I love the Cellini range.

Eye mask – I always sleep with an eye mask in general, I really find it helps me sleep sounder. This is my second thing to pack! Especially for longer trips. I love the range that Typo has #cute.

I love to read, so the next thing that always goes into my handbag is my Kindle. I can’t remember life before it! When I have finished my current novel I can easily download another #bliss.

Always pack a face mask for when you arrive. My skin is sensitive, and I like to make sure it re hydrates quickly. I usually pop one on just before I land or when I am unpacking my bag. To re hydrate my skin I like the sorbet face mask range. Don’t forget to drink water before, during and after your flight!

Headphones. I always find using my own works best if you want to hear your movie or music. I always keep then on me whether I am going on a car, plane or train.  I like the airpods they fit anywhere!shutterstock_558664726

This short and sweet list is the necessities that best not be forgotten.

Love and light



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