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Meal prep properly.

TGIF, I am so excited for the weekend. Not because I don’t like my job but more because I can be a homebody on the weekends which I love. On Sunday’s I am such a busy bee making sure I am prepped and ready for the week!

Part of this process includes my food prepping. We do 1 large shop a month for the basics and frozen goods. In addition to this every Sunday we buy my fresh veggies and fruit for the week.

I take lunch to work nearly every day. I have a lovely canteen at my office but only choose to eat there once or twice every two weeks. I find this helps me to maintain a healthy eating plan.shutterstock_625954406

My must have for meal prepping is a steamer. I am obsessed with mine, really it is life changing. All you do is pop in all your lovely Woolies veggies in and 30 mins later they are ready. So delicious.

I usually make healthy low carb meals for dinner and take leftovers to work the next day. Or I oven cook a piece of protein (Chicken patty, fish or lean beef) and then a portion of my lovely steamed veggies. I can’t handle raw meat unfortunately – I get completely put off my meal, hence the frozen options.shutterstock_260921354

Below are a few dinners I like to cook which are great to take as lunch to:

Mon: Butternut and spinach vegetarian lasagna – I use zucchini instead of pasta sheets.
Tue: Bread free chicken burger – with a baby spinach and avo salad.
Wed: Piece of fish with 2 cups of steamed veggies – including asparagus, beans and mushrooms.
Thu: Homemade lean beef bolognaise with zucchini pasta.
Fri: Ostrich goulash with 2 cups of steamed veggies – including broccoli,  leek and cauliflower.

Comment if you would like the recipes!

Have a beautiful weekend snookies, I will be nesting.



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