Evening routine.

It’s so great to feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead! During work weeks I have a routine which I stick to. This helps me stay focused, it also allows me to make sure I get enough rest.

My evening routine starts from when I arrive home from work. After long stressful days, keeping my evenings light really helps me to unwind.

Firstly I make myself a red cappuccino or rooibos with milk and honey. I love a warm drink when I get home to hold me over until dinner.shutterstock_475114486

Next is the best time of the day – bath time. I love my baths, really I do. I need one after work to help me relax, you can add a variety of scented oils or bubbles when you have had a really long day!

After bathing I am a pj person so on those go, I am also unashamedly an outfit planner. Planning my outfit for the next day relieves any early morning wardrobe malfunctions.

Once I am nice and cozy it is dinner time. I have recently started eating quite a bit earlier (in between 6:00pm – 6:30pm unless we go out).  I make dinner, hubby cooks or Uber eats when we are lazy.

I only watch around 1 hour of TV after this, I really need to be invested in a show to want to watch it. If there is nothing on, off the TV goes.

After that I retire to bed with a cup of chamomile to read for an hour. Reading is a great way to get ready for bed.shutterstock_250219630

Before sleep time I take a magnesium tablet, slather on my hand cream and off I go into sluberland – usually around 9:30pm. Yes I know some people think this is ridiculously early but sleep is so important! I sleep with ear plugs and an eye mask (I’m sure I look quite creepy – sorry babe). The quieter and darker the better.

I (usually) wake up feeling ready to go! Weekly routines are a good foundation for a more productive week and I recommend that you try it 😉



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