Raving about Red Cappuccino!

Happy Friday lovelies! It is my first Friday back in London and I am going to take full advantage of this exciting city.shutterstock_508967458

In the past two weeks I have stopped drinking coffee… Gasp. I am honestly the most surprised about this! I didn’t intentionally stop, I don’t like to restrict myself – I just stopped having coffee and started having more Red Cappuccinos.

I have always love Red Cappuccinos but they couldn’t compete with the caffeine kick I needed from coffee. Now that I am completely obsessed, I decided to share with you the overwhelming health benefits of this delicious drink!

  • Relieves headaches
    Rooibos relieves muscle tension which can cause tension headaches (I suffer from these).
  • Helps boost your immune system.
  • Is caffeine free.
  • Has 5 x mores antioxidants than green tea.
    The more the merrier!

shutterstock_538025179These are ones that appeal to me but there are so many more! If these are not enough to convert you to have one of these cuppas a day read more here.

Hope you have a great weekend, I will be exploring my new city – and trying to find a place that serves Red Cappucinos here :p