Beautiful brows.

Happy Friday and 1st September – Spring day! I love the first of the month, it is a great way to kick start a positive attitude. September is going to be busy for me!shutterstock_361678730

As I mentioned in my makeup post, this past Tuesday I finally went for Microblading. If you are not sure what it is have a look on the The Brow Studio website for more info. I have heard such great things about this establishment, I only feel comfortable when I know I am in good hands. Especially when the treatment has to do with my face!

My appointment started with Monique chatting to me about my feelings and requests regarding the procedure. She then drew the required shape and chose the pigment tone that would best suit me. After I was happy with how my brows looked mapped out – we got going!logo

I wan’t too worried  about the pain aspect as I have had semi-permanent makeup done before – I also have a tattoo, all of which were manageable experiences. There is however a slight discomfort related to the procedure, I do recommend putting on Emla before hand as mentioned in the pre-procedure guidelines.

At the end of my appointment I got to see my new brows (Microblading is not a single step process – how they look now is not the final result as they need to heal and a touch up in four weeks is required). I am so happy with the result already and recommend The Brow Studio to anyone looking at getting the procedure done!

shutterstock_483769924Once they have healed and my touch up is done I will post some piccies 😉

Have a great weekend sweeties, mine is jammed packed.




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