Monday Meal

My Monday Meal – Gemelli.

Good morning, I don’t know about you but this week is going to be so busy for me I am doing all my meditation and woosaing 😉

My Monday meal is from a favourite place of mine – Gemelli Cucina Bar.
This trendy restaurant located in Bryanston has stolen my heart, if you have not tried it yet – you are missing out!


I try to visit this special place at least once a month. I go through phases with what I order, getting stuck on one dish that I have to have. My current favorite however is the Pancetta di Maiale – to you and me: Pork Belly (I am often found moaning “I want Pork Belly from Gemelli!” which is a suitable rhyme).

Shoo but I love this dish. I popped in on Thursday with one of my girlfriends for some bubbly and Pork Belly. This dish just makes me happy, It is an absolute tongue pleaser – with notes of spicy corn and champagne crema #goodness. image1 (9)

Even though I am mentioning this one drool worthy meal, the whole menu is special – each dish carefully crafted with love and experience.

Please do me a favor and go, just go (For dinners make sure you book in advance).

Have a great Monday honeys, I will be daydreaming of pork belly and Oreo Cheesecake 😉 Yes the have Oreo Cheesecake on the menu…



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