Music for the soul.

Hi readers! As mentioned yesterday in my Monday Meal post I am really busy at the moment… ‘really’ is an understatement.

During times like this I have to make sure I am managing my stress so that I don’t have a shutterstock_348167546break down (If you have never been this busy or overloaded with pressure before then I am a. jealous and b. feel sorry for you, I little pressure means exciting things are happening).

Something I like to do is listen to music when I get a chance, music is soothing and can really uplift or relax as need be!

These are on repeat currently for different reasons:

To get ready for the day:
Macklemore РGlorious 

To feel less frustrated:
Taylor Swift – Look what you made me do

To get a second wind to finish the day:
Kendrick Lamar РHUMBLE 

To relax after a long day:
Shekhinah – Suited

Burn some serious calories:shutterstock_608752487
J Balvin – Mi Gente

I hope these help you as much as they help me! Taking a few minutes to listen to something you enjoy, make a cup of tea and get back to it – really helps clear the head.

Wishing you all a good week.



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