Monday Meal

My Monday Meal – Perron.

Morning sweeties. My Monday Meal is from the magnificent Mexican restaurant, Perron. I love Mexican and having small plates to share at the table. I always want a bite of what someone else is having!


This is a great place to do this as the menu has an exquisite selection of Mexican morsels. Perron always buzzes but I somehow feel relaxed when I’m there, the services is great and the managers at the different branches are always on point.

As there are so many delicious options on the menu I had to make My Monday Meal a dessert, and not just any dessert… Churros. These Mexican doughnuts are one of my favorites, and the Perron ones are just a knock out!

image1 (10)These light and fluffy pieces of heaven come with either a coconutty dulce de leche sauce (my favourite) or chocolate sauce. Either one you choose it is a perfect way to end off a delicious meal!

This spot is a must try for me, great for functions such as Birthdays to.



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