Essential oils.

Happy Tuesday. This week is super busy for me so I am all about R&R when I can get some!

Using essential oils can really help relax you . They are so useful and assist with a variety of ailments – being natural is a plus. I love aromatherapy and feel some of these assist with natural healing.

These ones are a must have to use personally or around the house.shutterstock_600904898

Lavender – helps to relax and heal tired muscles. I like to pop a few drops in my bath with some Epsom salts as a detox bath. You can also mix a few drops with water and spritz over your pillows to help relaxed before bed. It is such a calming scent.

Peppermint – for tension headaches and stuffy noses. I rub this oil on my temples and wrists when I have a tension headache, it works like a bomb! It also clears the sinuses. Be cautious though and make sure wash your hands thoroughly after use as if it gets in your eyes it will burn. For sensitive skin I recommend mixing with water before applying.

Lemon – to uplift your mood and for antibacterial use. The scent is so fresh! As with lavender I dilute it with water, place in a spritzing bottle and spritz around the room. It can also be used in the kitchen to disinfect surfaces.shutterstock_443045425

Tea tree oil – for skin ailments. This oil is great to dab on a rogue pimple as it has strong antibacterial properties. It also alleviates irritation from insect bites and can be used to repel insects.

There are such a variety of amazing oils to try – rosehip and eucalyptus are also favorites! I like to incorporate one or two new ones every few months and recommend you do the same. Click here for some more ideas.

I hope your week is full of positive vibes!



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