Monday Meal

My Monday meal – The Big Mouth.

Happy Monday readers, It is the start of a new week! I am looking forward to getting a lot achieved, personally and at work.

As an avid sushi lover, if the option is cooked or raw fish I choose raw. Making good sushi is an art and I feel like quite a few restaurants in Jozi just put sushi on the menu for popularity – but don’t make it well #meh.

Therefore My Monday meal is sushi from The Big Mouth in Sandton Square. I try steer clear of shopping center restaurants but this gem is hard to avoid!


There is a tangible buzz in this restaurant which is good for the soul. The delicious menu features Poke Bowls, fresh ceviche and a sushi selection to die for. I usually like to order one portion of standard sushi like – Salmon California rolls and one portion of some thing exciting like – Rock Shrimp tempura rolls.

IMG_7016The sushi here always has the freshest fish and softest rice . To properly satisfy your sushi craving – this is the spot. With a crisp glass of white vino and some company to enjoy it with, The Big Mouth will help ease the day’s stress away.

Order a few plates to try a bit of everything and enjoy!
Have a happy week.



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