Snacks to keep you going.

Good morning honeys. I am recovering from my busiest work week of the year, making sure I spend time on getting back into the swing of things.

Being super busy means that planning is a must. I always like to plan means as discussed in my food prep post. I believe that snacking between meals is beneficial for overall health and weight maintenance (or loss). shutterstock_211078603.jpg

The most important reason I like to snack is because it keeps energy levels stable. If you skip snacks it can make your blood sugar levels drop. This leads to binging and sugar spikes when you eventually eat again.

My favourite snacks are:


  • Half a cup of All bran with half a cup of full fat plain yogurt and 10 blueberries.
  • 1 hard boiled egg, half a cup of spinach and 4 cherry tomatoes.
  • Handful of raw almonds and a banana or fruit of choice.


  • Handful of carrot batons with a tablespoon of hummus.
  • 1 rice cake with a tablespoon of low sodium peanut butter and an apple.
  • 1 x carb clever bar  and an apple.

shutterstock_429818722After dinner I don’t eat anything, but if I am really desperate I will have a block of Lindt Chili Chocolate #yum.

I hope these snacks make their way to your desk draw or even inspire you to snack a bit more, these can be altered to meet all dietery needs.

Have a productive week filled with nibbles!




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