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5 Summer time essentials

TGIF lovelies! What a week, today is the end of a very special chapter in my life. Next week Is the beginning of something big and new for me.

As it is nearly summer here there are 5 spring/summer time essentials that are a must have!

  1. Pretty hat
    Goodness Jozi has been hot! I love hats, they are so fashionable right now. These ones from H&M are just so fab. They also stop sun damage!
  2. Mani from sorbet
    I love getting my nails done. Having a new slick of paint on them just really makes my day happier. I am loving the new Summer bright colours from Sorbet. Pop in store and pick something sassy!shutterstock_92782543 (1)
  3. Cute water bottle
    Water for me is a must, now that it is so hot it is important to remember to sip all day long. These cute water bottles from Typo you definitely wont forget to take with you!
  4. Natura Biochemic Tissue Salts
    As we haven’t gotten ample rain yet, hay fever is in the air. I like this product to help get me through during long periods of hay fever symptoms. It stops itchy throat, sneezing and sore eyes.
  5. Juice shots
    shutterstock_670139404I love fresh juices and the ones at Bliss juicery have are just fab. These fresh and light flavors such as Watermelon/Grapefruit, chia seeds & camu camu are just to delicious!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I will be preparing for the new week and new adventures.



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