London calling.

Morning cherubs, this Tuesday is special as it is the first day of our new adventure. The hubby and I have moved to London. Today we arrived back in this glorious city and I can’t wait to settle in and nest!

shutterstock_480971821This post however is not about the lovely London, it is about the painful packing.  A move like ours requires a huge amount of time, energy, planning and above all patience.

Apparently the second most stressful thing in a person’s life is moving (The first being divorce). And wow has it been stressful! I really dislike moving to begin with, okay detest is more like it. Honestly I am trying to work on this but I really don’t like change of this nature.

I feel like I must add we did not just pack up a suitcases and leave student style, we are moving our house and two dogs. I will be writing a post about my tips and tricks regarding moving once I have recovered from this one 😉 I am so lucky to have a partner who really helped make this transition better. Doing something by yourself it tough. shutterstock_591519017

This week will be spent making our new house a home and then it is back to the grind! During this transition I am reflecting a lot on the change and the move. I really urge you to take steps forward, say yes to the unknown and don’t be afraid to be scared! Change is difficult but helps us to grow and is so rewarding!

So say YES to new Adventures however big or small!
Have a great week sweeties.



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