My favourite exercises to tone your butt.

Happy Tuesday readers! I am getting into the swing of things in my environments – work and home. One of the things I will always priorities to get into a routine is my fitness. I love training and try make time for it 5-6 days a week.shutterstock_273097466

As I have a hip problem I really had to get creative with how I tone my butt overall. Sometime it’s assumed that you have to squat to get a nice tone bum – that is a lie. I am living proof that you do not need to 😉

The chosen exercises are gentle on you joints and together shape your bum as a whole – not focusing on one part.

30 x donkey kicks (per leg)
30 x dog lifts (per leg)
30 x fire hydrants (per leg)
20 x straight glute raise (per leg)
20 x rear raisers (per leg)shutterstock_364284320

Repeat x 2.

I can assure you after you have done one session of this your gluetes will be on fire! I really find the combination of exercises gets everything working!

If you are just starting out I  reccomend twice a week if possible and then build it up.
Have a productive week!



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