My blog is back, London Living.

Good Morning honeys!

I have been quiet for the past month due to moving to a new country, staring a new job and generally just trying to get my sh*t together.
Pardon my vulgarity but that’s the truth! During this time I have been nesting into my new home and bonding with my new city.London

Oh and what a city! The way I describe living in London is that it’s like walking out of your front door and getting smacked with energy.
Every day. The buzz, the vibes, the sounds and the smells(yuk) all scream MOVE.

So that’s exactly what I have been doing –  moving. For the past two months these websites have helped me transition from a frequent visitor to a newbie:

  • Emerald Street.
    Receiving their daily emails always puts a smile on my face.
    They give you the insight to delicious eateries, beauty tips, new products and so much more!
    They are so in tune with what I want to read about. A must for the senses.
  • Bookatable.
    If you haven’t gathered already I love food. I love eating, looking at and talking about food.
    This fantastic website gives you an easy to navigate view of restaurants in London and surrounds. It also shows you some of the best deals and mouth watering specials.
  • London Calling.
    London calling offers up insight into events happing. As tCapturehere is so much to do, having a guide giving you a heads-up on a variety of appealing events is ideal. Pizza & Prosecco anyone?

I hope you all have a beautiful week! I will be working hard, waiting for my Black Friday goodies to arrive and of course taking my Vitamin D tablets – they help with everything apparently, even home sickness so one a day it is 😉

SR x