December product of the month.

Happy Friday sweet things. It is a special Friday as it’s the 1st day of the last month of the year. Goodness what a mouthful. I love December as there is usually a lot of family time, food and fun!

The 1st of the month is a great time to start something new, so I have decided to start a 12 week hair removal process with SmoothSkin. As you know from my laser post I had been going for top ups, but as I have moved to London I needed to find a solution here.

The laser and IPL prices in London are expensive (as most things are), and often salons offer treatments using old machines (meh). To fix my fuzz problem I started researching other ways. That is how I came across this nifty little device. 2

Smooth Skin is an at home IPL treatment that promises to rid you of your hair (Or most of it) in 12 weeks. There are a few device options but the SmoothSkin Gold caught my eye, it’s packaging is so chic to.

Some of the notable benefits are:

  • Budget friendly.
  • Easy instructions and simple application.
  • Comfort of treatment in your own home.
  • Registers your skin tone for you.
  • Sensitive mode and a variety of additional features!

1I am starting my 1st course on Sunday and will keep you updated on my progress. Looking forward to getting zapping!

Have a lovely weekend sweeties. I will be working, trying new restaurants and going into town to see the sparkly Christmas lights as it is officially time to be merry!

SR x


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