Christmas gifting made easy.

Good morning sweeties.

It’s Friday, hooray! Now that December is here, I am alarmed at how quickly the month is going! That means that Christmas is just around the corner. Today I will give you my tips for the all-important Christmas gift shopping!

It can be overwhelming if you have a long list of loved ones that you need to buy gifts for. Budgets and time can be tight so it’s definitely the time to plan.

These help me get all my shopping done without having a mental breakdown:

  1. Make a list of who you are buying for.
    Having put the names down you won’t forget anyone and can add to it.
  2. Have a budget – and stick to it!
    Be realistic, I know we all want to spoil our loved ones but if you break the bank before Christmas Eve you won’t be starting the New Year as a happy bunny.
    Tip: Make all family members stick within a price limit if this is a concern. E.g. £30 budget per person then everyone wins!
  3. Try find a store that you can buy a couple of gifts from.
    Having to buy 20 gifts from 20 different stores can be tricky. If you can group a few of these to one store you can save a lot of time! E.g. John Lewis has an extensive range of goodies for him and her.
  4. Online shopping is your friend – just make sure you order in advance.
    I personally get overwhelmed with the stores over Christmas, everyone is huffing and puffing to get the best things. Ordering online you can sit in the comfort of your own home and browse in peace.
    You can then pop in and collect instore quickly, or get free delivery over a certain amount spent like H&M offers. SO much better.
  5. Don’t forget the wrapping paper.
    I love to wrap(even if it isn’t very well) if you don’t I would suggest buying little bags to pop your gifts in.
  6. Don’t forget something small for you.
    I like to get something small for myself as a Christmas gift, even if it something you usually do putting a label on it as a gift makes it sweeter. I will be getting my hair done for the holidays.

I hope these help you even if its just one. This weekend I will be doing my online gift shopping and then the wrapping commences!
Enjoy the fourth last weekend of the year lovelies.



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