Winter warming tips to stop the munchies!

Morning darlings.

Goodness what a chilly weekend! Here in London the weather has been cold, windy and rainy.

I find that I feel more hungry when it is cold and I am constantly looking for warming snacks to fill the cold hole in my tummy! I really had to look at my current diet and change it to suit the weather more.

These tips help me feel fuller for longer and are more satisfying in the cold!

  1. Drink warm water through out the day.
    I love water and have no problem drinking my daily fill… Unless its cold! When I don’t keep hydrated, I start to crave naughty things. By drinking my daily water slightly warmed up it helps to keep me warm and meet my daily intake.
  2. Swap cold meals for warm ones.
    For example I love having my all bran and yoghurt at 10:00am as seen in my snack post. However I found that this would not satisfy me as much as it does in the summer. I now have a warmer, more filling version swapping the all bran for warm oats.
  3. Healthy alternatives to the classic warming meals.
    I love to have big warming bowls of soups or pasta to help keep me warm. They really hit the spot, however I don’t want to eat the additional calories as I tend to not exercise as vigoursly as I do in summer. To fix this I like to make a big homemade healthy soup for the week (recipe coming on Friday). For pasta I swap the traditional pasta with a veggie alternative like zucchini noodles. I also cut the cream and use tomato based sauces with a lean protein.
  4. Monitor your caffeine intake.
    14When you are cold it is easy to reach for another cup of tea or coffee but don’t! By increasing your caffeine intake it can make you restless, decrease your sleep and dehydrate you… Which makes you hungrier. Rather reach for a herbal tea such as peppermint which helps you feel full.

I hope this helps you get through the winter season feeling satisfied without picking up any additional pesky kilos.

Have a warm week lovelies, I will be attending way to many Christmas parties and working away before everyone goes on holiday!

SR x


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