5 trends to look out for in 2018.

Good morning lovelies. I hope the new year is treating you with love and respect and that you are reciprocating. Every January I wait patiently for the health and wellness trends to be released. I love getting my hands on them, and 2018’s list was no different!

Through my research I have selected the top 5 that I think will brighten your day and can be easily implemented into every day life. This was no easy feat though as there where some goodies!

  1. Drinking collagen
    I know this is definitely not the first we have heard of consuming collagen but it is now becoming more accessible to purchase these skin boosting beverages. This is meant to improve youth and radiance from the inside. I think I will give Gold Collagen a try!
  2. Activated charcoal2003-Activated_Charcoal-732x549-thumbnail
    Whether it is in your face mask, on your tooth brush or in a juice shot this little guy seems to be everywhere!
  3. Do a Digital Detox
    I am so excited this made the list! I really want to start implementing this for myself – spending time away from plug in accessories can help reduce stress and regain focus. I’m in.
  4. Healing spices
    Again something I want to implement more in my household. Using spices for healing purposes have been used for centuries but it is about how to utilize them. Think turmeric lattes.
  5. Infrared saunas
    Another yes from me. I absolutely love infared saunas and believe in the health befits they offer. These include relaxation, decrease joint pain and improve circulation to name a few.

So there you have it honeys – let me know what you think the top 5 trends of 2018 are? I love hearing your thoughts!



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