Tips to keep moving your body, all year round!

Good morning bunnies. Starting the week with this miserable weather can really put a damper on your weekly plans! For those not in London, we have had beautiful rain – but it.does.not.stop. Sigh.

I really love this weather however it can completely throw off my fitness routine. It makes an easy excuses to not go to the gym because ‘It’s raining and I’m cold’ :p. I have realised in London that if I always had to use that excuse my body would never see the inside of a gym.gymtime

To help keep your workout’s on track I have a few tips that will make your schedules a bit easier to stick to:

  1. Put it in your diary.
    I have started to add my workouts into my work diary. You wouldn’t miss a business meeting so why miss a workout?
  2. Pre work out.
    If you are feeling a bit drained and don’t think you have the energy – try to utilise a ‘pre-workout’. Something to give you a boost before you head out. I don’t take work out supplements and prefer a black coffee to do the job. If you have a favorite pre work out let me know, please!
  3.  Pack your gym bag the night before.
    We always are reminded of this one – because it works! If you have a bag ready to go, you will be more likely to stick to your routine. If you don’t or have packed it in a rush that morning (forgetting gym shoes ring a bell) you will have an excuse to not go.
  4. Get a training partner.
    Preferably someone who will motivate you to go. If a friend or colleague wants to exercise more, why not do it together?

pink_weight_plates-2Lastly, if you really don’t want to go, don’t! Try to find the cause of what is making you not in the mood. If it’s the gym, why not try incorporating another exercise during the day or try a new class to get your blood pumping?

Hope these help lovelies. Have a fantastic week all and get your bums moving!




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