Mindful eating

Happy Friday lovelies! It is such a beautiful sunny day in London, I just love spring. Although the past few weeks have been a different story!

When it’s rainy and miserable I tend to snack more. Lots123 of snacks. All the time, lol.  This has luckily not resulted in any weight gain but tends to make me feel sluggish and bloaty #charming.

My snacking habit is solely because I can. I am not hungry, nor does my body require the additional digestive biscuit, but I will eat it because I can.

This week I have tried mindful eating which is helping my relationship with food. Some of the tips I have integrated into my routine are:

  1.  Setting eating times and sticking to them.
    I eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks in-between these. Mindful eating encourages you to set times, try stick to them and look forward to them! Once I have eaten my planned food, I stop.
  2. Mindfulness during eating.
    Chew slowly and enjoy your food. I tend to work through my lunch meal which is a no no! Focus on your food rather than trying to multitask.
  3. Mindfulness post eating.4321
    After eating, drink a large glass of water. If you still feel hungry ask yourself why? I find mine is usually because I am impatient and want instant sugar satisfaction.
  4. Have a healthy beverage.
    I enjoy a variety of herbal teas, but a favorite for when I want a sweet taste is the Pukka Detox tea. It also helps decrease the bloat!

Even though I am only one week in I am feeling so much better and ready for summer.
Let me know if these tips helped you to!



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