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Rad Reformer Pilates!

Hi Darlings,

Summer in London is a wonderful place to be, even if this particular one happens to be a scorcher #sipsicewater! With the high temperatures it means more revealing clothing to keep cool. I usually find after a long cold winter I am particularly conscious of my pale limbs.

To keep toned for all seasons, I usually opt for mat Pilates or Yoga. This summer I wanted to try something new! Que the world of Reformer Pilates. Capture

The studio I chose to do my beginner class with was Bootcamp pilates – they have studios all over London. The Reformer machine used can be a bit intimidating for the first time user but the instructors are so helpful and welcoming.

Classes are 55 minutes with up to 10 people and one instructor.
I really enjoyed learning about the machine and the feeling of getting a full body workout. All my muscles felt worked post class… especially the next day!

A few of the benefits:

  • Improves balance and posture
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Strength – particularly in your stomach, back and bum
  • Tones limbs without bulking
  • Incorporates full range of motion

23I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to firm and tone up. It is also great for people with injuries who can’t do certain exercises like myself.

If you feel like giving it a go, they have an introduction offer: 2 classes for £25 so you can try it out and decide if you like it for yourself!

If you have any questions about Reformer Pilates or general fitness, pop me a message! Have a wonderful week and keep cool hunnies, don’t forget your water.