Cancel The Cravings!

Good morning lovelies,

While I am training to become a qualified Nutrition Adviser, I absolutely loving learning about food and body harmony.

One of the areas I am currently exploring is how to listen to your body. Cravings are not a simple ‘I want a chocolate’. They are a combination of mood, hydration levels, circumstance, personal health and what your body is trying to tell you.

My recommendations for the dreaded cravings is to have a big glass of water, go for a 5 minute walk and then trying to incorporate these alternatives as your body may beassorted-assortment-background-1011337 talking to you!

If you are craving chocolate:
Eat magnesium rich foods – Vegetables, fruit and some seeds and nuts. I also incorporate a magnesium supplement every evening before bed.

If you are craving crisps/salty foods:
Eat chloride rich foods – tomatoes, seaweed (sushi anyone?) or rye.

If you are craving oily/fast foods:
Eat calcium rich foods – found in almonds, beans and leafy greens.

If you are craving bread/carbs:
background-black-blank-733857Eat nitrogene rich foods – lean meats, fish and nuts.

As cravings are different for everyone I suggest writing down what you’re craving and when. You will soon start to see a pattern and feel confident to make a snack attack plan.

If you would like a downloadable food diary, or more information on how to curb cravings click here. Enjoy the rest of your day and go show the week who’s boss!




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