When To Ditch Your Makeup!

Morning sweet peas. This is post is for anyone who wears makeup… If that’s not you, why don’t you drop me a note here on what you would like to read about.

So, continuing for those who do wear makeup, we are all guilty of leaving our productsbeautiful-birthday-blur-318379 (1) waaaay past their expiry date – colour changing lip gloss anyone? You would think that we would be more vigilant especially as we put this stuff on our face! To keep your makeup bag in tip top clean condition when should you bin items?

Below is a list of my most used items and when to ditch them by:

  • Mascara: Every 3 months if not sooner.
    The dreaded clump must be avoided!
  • Eyeliner, liquid and pen: 6 months.
    This will help prevent eye infections.
  • Foundation and concealer: Every 12 months.
    If it starts to separate throw it away sooner as this can cause breakouts if applied onto the face.
  • Powder blush: 18 months.
    Make sure to clean you blush brushes every few weeks to avoid bacteria build up… ew!beauty-cosmetic-cosmetics-3190.jpg

Tip: After you purchase your products work out when they will expire and add this into your phone calendar. When the reminder pops up you will have no excuse!

Cheerio for now!



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