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Path of a Nutritional Advisor.

Hi Darlings!

Today my post is about qualifying as a Nutritional Advisor. What does this mean? I now have thorough knowledge about food sciences. I can utilize this knowledge to provide solutions on dealing with numerous diseases and disorders as well as improve physical and mental well-being by suggesting suitable

Additionally I have a particular interest in health histories to determine specific nutritional requirements as well as developing meal plans for individuals to promote health and well-being.

To begin my series of insights I have started with a few key takeaways:

Always read the labels on food. I know we have read this hundreds of times but do you actually do it? I have been forcing myself to read what I am eating highly recommend it.

It’s all about balance! I try to nourish my body with whole foods as well as servicing my rather large appetite and a notorious sweet tooth. There is nothing wrong with indulging as long as it doesn’t start becoming abusive to your body.

Know your body. To build on your health journey you need to have the correct Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spiritfoundation. Do you know if you have a food allergy or intolerance? Are your hormones balanced? If your body is out of sync everything you do will be fruitless.

Make goals and write them down.
Whether that is trying to lose weight, gain wight, improve sports performance or rectify a health concern. How can you reach a goal when you haven’t decided what it is?

I will be offering some downloadable resources for you to set your own goals, help with meal plans and mindset guidelines.

If you have any questions or any requests contact me here. Have a happy and healthy week lovelies.



3 thoughts on “Path of a Nutritional Advisor.

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