Book Club – Beat Your Bloat

The next book in my beauty and wellness book club is Maeve Madden’s Beat Your Bloat. I read it a few months ago when I was suffering from serve bloating – little did I know this was mainly due to food allergies and intolerances.MM Book
A lot of recommendations found in the book I currently implement in my daily life. This ‘health guide’ book was an absolute pleasure to read. Maeve has sectioned it into easily consumable nuggets of information. A range of juicy topics are covered spanning from exercise, superfoods, recipes and tips and debloating tricks.

All in all, it was an absolute pleasure to read. The book has a spot in my kitchen and I reach for it when I have little inspiration for dinner. I substitute her meat recipes for fish or veggie options and make the original ones for hubby.


I also love that she partners with Protein World which is my protein shake provider of choice! My favorite page in the book is a quick and easy substitution list, it’s on page 45 so go and grab the book and see for yourself ! 🙂

Have a sparkly week lovelies.