Why We Love Coffee

Good morning lovelies! One thing that allows me to have a good morning is wonderful coffee. Coffee has come a long way from simply being an American diner favorite, I personally can’t go a day without a delicious latte.

No matter how you like yours, there are some proven benefits, apart from the obvious of making us feel amazing, which makes my smile even brighter when I sip mine.

Benefits of coffee (moderate consumption):
It contains high levels of antioxidants
It improves circulation
Gives your metabolism a kick
Contains essential nutrients
Taken black or with a dash of nut mylk makes it a low calorie beverage

Word of caution, due to the high amounts of caffeine in coffee try stick to under 3 cups (around 400mg of caffine) per day. I personally only have one, large, and well made cup. Sometimes two if I need a kick 🙂

How much coffee do you drink per day if any? Have a great week lovelies.