Blissful Bath

You know how people tend to be a bath or a shower person? Well I am definitely a bath person! I absolutely love to relax after a long day by having a bath.

Even though I have nothing against showering, here are some proven benefits of getting in the tub every now and then:

Relaxes the mind
Helps with muscle pain
Having a hot baths before bed produce better sleep
Baths can relieve cold symptoms
Sooth skin ailments by adding specific oils

My tips to make the most out of bath time are:

Door closed – block out the outside world and unwind
Essential oils – I love to add drops of lavender oil and Epsom salts to relieve my Pilates tired muscles and turn my bath into a detox one
Use a coffee scrub to exfoliate your body – I love Frank Body
Tea please – a hot cup of water with lemon and turmeric will help kick start circulation even more!

Have a blissful week lovelies



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