Sugar detox please!

Happy May 1st!

I’m so glad it’s a new month, April was wonderful but certainly an overindulgent month for myself and many others due to the bank holidays and Easter.

I have a serious sweet tooth, and I love chocolate! However, after a few weeks of dipping into the Easter eggs, I’m reminded why I try and stay away from refined sugar. Too much sugar can cause stomach aches, mood swings, indigestion, tiredness, irritated skin and most importantly it can make you crave more sugar!

Below are a few tips to help get you and me get back on the safe side of sugar.

I also like to incorporate extra water into my routine and green juices packed with vitamins where I can.

It’s important to allow yourself to indulge but when you start seeing the tell tale signs above incorporate these easy tips to get you back into your normal routine!



2 thoughts on “Sugar detox please!

  1. I love this, I was just talking with my family about doing this too. We decided to start eating the rest of what’s left of the sugary items in our cupboards this week and make plans for replacing foods with non sugary items. Then next week give this low sugar life a try. Seems the three of us have a bit of a sugar issue at breakfast time. Your post came at just the right time, thanks!

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