Love is in the air…

What a beautiful Friday. I am currently at the beach, having the most delicious time. Sun, sand and love really does the trick!

What I am going to discuss today is getting engaged #swoon. The reason being is tomorrow, the 12th of August is the anniversary of my engagement in 2015.shutterstock_94368292

It is such a special memory for me, as my love bug aka hubby, swooped me off to Paris to ask the all-important question. On a fairy tale boat, floating down the river Seine I was asked if I would marry my potato aka hubby. I obviously said yes!

As someone who has been through the full process (My exquisite wedding was in February this year), I have a few honest tips for the ladies who are going through this process… Or think they may be going through it soon #wink.

Firstly breath – This time is for you and your man or lady. Enjoy it! Everyone will know eventually and everyone can be responded to later. You should relax and keep the moment close before it is gone and you move onto the next phase, planning!

Don’t feel bad if just after you get proposed to you don’t know exactly when, where and what the colour scheme will be for your wedding. I had no idea I was going to be proposed to, and let me tell you, you will get messages straight after asking when the Save the Dates are going out…. Seriously. People are strange. Again this is your time, don’t feel overwhelmed by other people’s agenda.

If your ring is not the correct size, get it sized asap! Life goes by so quickly and you will definitely want to wear it, show it off, love it but go get it sized. Please.

Lists really help me, and in this instance I feel like this one is a great gauge to start your wedding planning journey. It is simple and to the point. If you don’t want to do something on the list like an engagement shoot… you don’t have to! Do what works for you and use it as a list to customize for yourself.shutterstock_221010295

The most important message here is that this is you, and your partner’s special time! Things will progress as life does, but never forget that every couple is different and unique.

Have the best weekend lovers, I will still be relaxing by the ocean #zzz.