Make your time work for you!

Being a busy bee is unfortunately apart of everyday life. Particularly working in big cites, especially the heaving London, being busy is just part of the deal. I often have days where I end up in bed about to go to sleep and think where did the day go?!

Being so busy tends to make me a bit grump… a full plate equals lots of stress which can make me, and most people, short tempered and exhausted after a few days. Ever feel like Wednesday should be Friday? I thought so.

To try and alleviate some of this weekly chaos I headed for some self help TED talks to hand pick the best coping mechanisms. After some research I found the below image which perfectly encapsulates the tips I want to start implementing in everyday life.

A few of my personal favorites are 3, 6, 14 and 16. Which 4 do you think you could implement into your daily routine?

I now have this printed in my diary at the office and glance at it when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, it helps! Hope it will help you too.

Sending love and light.

SR x