Gluten-free to go!

Hi Sweeties,

As I recently cut out gluten from my diet, I have been on a hunt for all the good gluten-free goodies (that’s a mouthful)! Below are my current findings:berries-blueberries-bread-708488

1. Gluten-free pastry
This pastry is an absolute win, I love making my vegetarian tart recipe with it.

2. Chickpea pasta
My new obsession, If you haven’t tried chickpea pasta you are missing out! Not only is it super high in protein, but it also keeps you fuller for longer and is quick to boil (unlike another gluten-free alternative – brown rice pasta).

3. Rice flour
Rice flour is a fantastic substitute for normal flour, it makes great sauces and is fab for general use. However wouldn’t recommend it for baking.

4. Gluten free oats
In winter there is nothing better than a big bowl of oats with ALL the toppings. I use these gluten-free oats for brekkie every morning. Check out my overnight oat recipe here. bowl-breakfast-cereal-949067

I’m still trying out flours that work best for baking and also trying to find a favorite bread. I have tried a few gluten-free breads but they often have egg in which I have cut out too (vegans beware of the egg in gluten-free bread).

If you know of any superb brands please do let me know what you would recommend? Drop me a line!

Love and light